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2017-02-10 21:36:38 MDT database server
At approximately 20:15 MST Modwest on call personnel were alerted to issues occurring with our database server. The server is currently offline and unresponsive. Modwest System Administrators are working to investigate the cause of the problem and restore services. Please refer back here for status updates as they become available.

***23:55 MST***
Modwest System Administrators continue to work to resolve database server issues.

***2017-02-11 00:25 MST***
Modwest System Administrators have deemed unrecoverable due to hardware failure. They will be working to migrate databases to a newer functional DB server. THIS WILL NOT BE A QUICK FIX. Admins will attempt to migrate as quickly as possible but the entire process could take multiple days.

***2017-02-11 10:32 MST***
System Administrators continue to work to migrate accounts from failed database server to our functional servers. Again, this may take some time to accomplish

***2017-02-11 14:42 MST***
System Administrators have completed migration of database backups from the failed server to our server. In order to re-establish connectivity to those databases (2) steps are required.

1) Log into your Onsite Administrative control panel and update your database credentials here:

2) Update any website database configuration files to use along with the password established in step 1.

( ** IMPORTANT: If, when following the above steps in Onsite, your are
prompted to perform an environment upgrade, please contact
support at: )

After the above steps have been completed please verify your website is again functional and fully audit your site for any additional database connection errors. Email if you encounter any issues.

The Modwest network is reachable, with no connectivity problems.

Use this page to check on the current and historical status of Modwest services. "OK" status indicates that our systems are running fine. Website downtime can be caused by problems unrelated to Modwest, such as:
  • Domain name expiration
  • Problems with your scripts
  • Issues with your internet service provider
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