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Last Updated: February 16th 2019 11:18:30 AM MST

February 16th 2019 11:18:41 AM MST

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2017-10-12 11:33:38 MST
Virtual Private Server Container- DOWN
At approximately 10:45a MST Modwest received alerts for the container hosting several virtual private servers. This container is currently down with Modwest System Administrators working to resolve the issue and re-establish services. This outage is affecting only a small number of VPS customers, but also is impacting those customers that have been upgraded to our vps platform.

Not all VPS customers are affected, only those hosted on the affected container.

***UPDATE 12:29 MST***
At approximately 11:35 MST all failing vps services began to recover and appear to be functioning as normal.

The Modwest network is reachable, with no connectivity problems.

Use this page to check on the current and historical status of Modwest services. "OK" status indicates that our systems are running fine. Website downtime can be caused by problems unrelated to Modwest, such as:
  • Domain name expiration
  • Problems with your scripts
  • Issues with your internet service provider
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