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Last Updated: April 23rd 2017 9:42:44 AM MDT

April 23rd 2017 9:42:46 AM MDT
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2017-04-06 15:46:45 MDT
Core Network Routing Issue
Modwest was alerted a short time ago to network connectivity issues stemming from a core network router. This appears to be affecting a portion of Modwest services. System Administrators and Network engineers are working as quickly as possible to resolve the problems.

***16:18 MST***
At approximately 15:20 MST Core routing was restored to Modwest servers and all services were up and functioning restored.

2017-03-29 12:03:14 MDT
Network equipment upgrade 03/29/2017 non service affecting
This evening at 10:00 pm MDT we will be updating some network equipment. This will NOT be service affecting. We expect the upgrade to take about 60 minutes.
Thank you,

The upgrade has been completed.
Thank you,

The Modwest network is reachable, with no connectivity problems.

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  • Problems with your scripts
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