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Last Updated: March 22nd 2019 8:48:30 PM MDT

March 22nd 2019 8:48:46 PM MDT
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2019-03-12 17:12:37 MDT
Grid Storage Issue Causing Website Downtime
At 4:30PM MDT, a storage issue on the Modwest Grid system began causing downtime for websites hosted on this system. Modwest engineers are working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

******* UPDATE 15:35PM (Mountain Time) *******

The issue affecting the Grid storage system has been resolved and all GRID system website services restored.

The Modwest network is reachable, with no connectivity problems.

Use this page to check on the current and historical status of Modwest services. "OK" status indicates that our systems are running fine. Website downtime can be caused by problems unrelated to Modwest, such as:
  • Domain name expiration
  • Problems with your scripts
  • Issues with your internet service provider
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